Frequently Asked Questions

Get your questions answered about Sacramento Drone before making a decision.
We need our aerial footage yesterday. How quickly can we schedule a flight?

We can usually schedule a flight same-day depending on our schedule.  You can take the raw footage directly from the drone after the shoot or wait a few hours for the footage to be uploaded online by us.

How do you know that our location is safe to fly the drone?

We check weather maps at your flight location in advance before we schedule your flight.  We don’t fly in winds over 20mph, in rain, or after sunset.  We also check FAA maps to determine if your location is flight legal.  Generally, the closer your flight location is to an urban city center, the more difficult it is to fly.  However, we can often we can get automated permission from nearby airports to fly at lower, legal levels.

What type of drones do you use?

We most often use a modified DJI Mavic Pro 2 Zoom.  The Mavic Zoom is a great combination of stealth, versatility, range and great 4K image quality.  We also use an Autel EVO as well as a DJI Inspire on jobs that require higher film quality.

Can’t I just go out and buy one of those drones at Costco and save some money?

You could also go out an buy a camera and shoot your daughters wedding.  My Grandfather, who was the head of the photography department at Sacramento State University once told me that, “it’s not the camera that makes or breaks the image, its the idiot behind the camera.”  Having hired many drone pilots for flights in the last 5 years I have found this to be true.  Having a professional quality drone is certainly important, bit it’s the OPERATOR is the key element of getting great flight results.

Some of our construction clients have considered training their own drone pilots, but once they consider the costs of training, FAA licensing, Insurance, and creative competency- they come back to us:)

Do you fly the drone or do you contract out someone else?

Knowing who is flying your drone is extremely important in getting the look your after in your photos and video’s.  I fly the drone in about 95% of our flights.  I have another professional pilot that fly’s the DJI Inspire for our higher end clients.  In those shoots, I usually direct the shoot.

Why do you fly?

As the owner of Jensen Films for almost 30 years, I’ve filmed over 1000 corporate,social, and promotional events.  I’ve owned probably 20 cameras over that time in 5 different formats.  But none have given me the thrill that flying a drone camera has.  Drones roll a crane, slider, and tripod into an incredible three dimensional space.

A few months ago I walked on to a construction site in West Sacramento to document a huge warehouse build.  I had my hard hat and bright orange vest.  Other workers passed me: cement layers, electricians, roofers, and landscapers…and I got to fly the drone!  I could have pinched myself:)  Piloting drones is than a job, it is really a passion.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we always have guaranteed our product and always will:)  If you are dissatisfied with your flight we will re-shoot at no extra charge.  We’ve never had to do that- our clients are always extremely happy with our work.