Capturing Aerial Imagery in Northern California since 1998

We’ve filmed everything from the expansive Golden Gate Bridge to the incredible beauty of Lake Tahoe from the air- and everything in-between.

AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHYMeet the Owner- Michael Jensen

Since founding Sacramento based Jensen Films in 1991, I’ve always had a strong desire to film from the air. In the late 90’s I rented Robinson R-22 and R-44 helicopters for our commercial aerial filming, removing the door and hang out over the edge of the copter with my cameras. For bay area clients I would often rent a heavy vest mounted gimbal to film assignments such as the Tom Lantos Tunnels, SF real estate, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Today most of our aerial imaging can be done with professional drones. We offer drones with light and heavy camera payload capability depending on the needs of our clients.

Our goal is not to make you a happy client, but to exceed your expectations with prompt service and outstanding aerial imagery.

Recently, Sacramento Drone owner Michael Jensen was honored to be interviewed by national website Drone Launch Academy as part of their monthly podcasts highlighting successful aerial photography and videography companies.